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News and Events

Merry Christmas

IRAS student received the "Grants for the Future" award

We are proud to inform, that Natalia Szymańska – one of the best of IRAS students and the President of The Association of International and Area Studies - has just received a grant in the competition for outstanding students.

II and III-year students are invited to apply for "Grants for the Future"

In connection with the implementation of the Strategic Program Excellence Initiative at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, the second edition of the "Grants for the Future" Competition for outstanding students has been announced.

IRAS Graduate received the Dean’s Award for the Best BA Thesis

The Dean’s Award for the Best BA Thesis is the distinction awarded to the authors of the best master's and bachelor's theses prepared within all fields of study at the Faculty. We are pleased to announce that our graduate – Olivia Copeland – became one of them.

The Official Inauguration of the Year 2022/23

New goals, new projects and new energy – those qualities can be used as a summary of the event, which took place in Auditorium Maximum on October 1st, 2022. The new academic year has been officially inaugurated in the presence of the Faculty and IRAS representatives, new students and their families.