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News and Events

IRAS Students Received Their BA Diplomas

International Relations and Area Studies is honored to welcome Class of 2022 among the Programme graduates. After three years of intensive studying, doing research and defending innovative BA theses, 29 students received their well-deserved diplomas.

IRAS Students Awarded with the Dean’s Scholarship

During the ceremonial gala of handing the awards and diplomas, students with outstanding acomplishements received congratulations from the Dean dr hab. Paweł Laidler, prof. UJ, Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs dr hab. Ewa Trojnar, prof. UJ, IRAS Director dr Dominika Dziwisz and IRAS Vice-Director dr Michał Rzepecki.

Practical Lesson of Diplomacy from U.S. Consul General in Krakow

How to become a diplomat and what is the specificity of this profession? IRAS and GLAD students already know the answer thanks our special guest - U.S. Consul General in Krakow Patrick T. Slowinski.

IRAS/GLAD Spring Ball Tradition is Back!

This year – after a long pause caused by COVID-19 – our ball tradition has been reinstated. IRAS/GLAD Ball is a unique opportunity for professors and students to spend some quality time together and to practice academic networking.

Professor Karol Derwich has died

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Professor Karol Derwich.