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Basic Information



Bachelor of Arts in

International Relations and Area Studies

Faculty of International and Political Studies

The International Relations and Area Studies (IRAS) is an undergraduate interdisciplinary programme which offers a rigorous international and comparative perspective on the contemporary global system and different regions of the world. It aims to foster creative thinking about complex global problems and to equip students with the analytical tools, language expertise, and cross-cultural understanding to guide them in that process. It provides a solid grounding in international issues together with an opportunity to specialise in a particular region or specific subject. Its academic content spans the full spectrum of topics in International Relations and Area Studies, including international economics, development, global governance, ethics of war, conflict resolution and peace building, regional integration, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.



International Security

This module views security from a broad theoretical and historical perspective, placing traditional security concerns in the context of such fields as development, economics and human rights. more...

Area Studies

This module will give you a solid grounding in understanding politics, economic cooperation, interstate relations, cultures and societies of various regions of the world. more...