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The Programme


International Relations and Area Studies (IRAS) is an undergraduate interdisciplinary programme that offers a rigorous international and comparative perspective on the contemporary global system and different regions of the world. Its mission is to foster creative thinking about complex global problems and to equip students with the analytical tools, language expertise, and cross-cultural understanding to guide them in that process. This degree provides a solid grounding in international issues together with an opportunity to specialise in a particular region or specific subject. You will learn how the international system has evolved, and engage with scholars in debates about dilemmas dominating contemporary international politics.

Our research and teaching spans the full spectrum of topics in International Relations and Area Studies, including international economics, development, global governance, ethics of war, conflict resolution, peace building, regional integration and multiculturalism. Additionally, the programme offers an in-depth analysis of politics, economics, security and societies in various regions of the world.

The second and third years of the programme are focused on one of two specializations: International Security or Area Studies. To deepen their understanding of the modern, rapidly changing world and the processes that characterize it, students will apply theoretical knowledge to practical and currently relevant topics such as economic diplomacy or the nature of the political world as seen from the perspective of cultural identities and social mentalities. Global migration, human rights and democracy building, along with other in-depth international affairs, will be emphasized in light of chosen interests and specialised courses.


International Security

In order to ensure that you are able to master the complex challenges of the post-9/11 world, this specialization module views security from a broad theoretical and historical perspective, placing traditional security concerns in the context of such fields as development, economics and human rights. We will introduce you to the main concepts and approaches to the study of international relations and security and encourage you to analyse, interpret and evaluate world political events and issues. You will focus on a diverse range of topics, including strategy, global politics, foreign policy analysis, political economy, intelligence, homeland security, military analysis, regional security and conflict resolution.

Area Studies

This specialization will give you a solid grounding in understanding politics, economic cooperation, interstate relations, cultures and societies of various regions of the world. You will focus on two chosen regions: Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Americas, the Middle East and North Africa, or East and South Asia. This specialization is ideal for those who wish to explore and understand other cultures and their traditions. It is interdisciplinary and interactive, linking language study with other academic disciplines such as politics, history, economics, sociology, anthropology, literature and philosophy.

Programme duration: three years (6 semesters)

ECTS: 180

Fee: 4500 EUR per annum