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Student card

Student Card

Student card is a document confirming student status (it entitles to discounts on public transport). It includes basic personal details and a photograph. As every student card is valid for one semester, all card holders are required to renew the document every semester.

Expiry date

In order to make sure that the student card is valid, you should look at its reverse and check the date on the hologram. With subsequent renewals, your student card will obtain new holograms.

Smart card

The student cards is electronic – which means that apart from information printed on the card's surface, it also contains information imprinted electronically which can be read out with the help of a special card reader. If you have a computer with a card reader you can check the data inscribed on your card. All you need is to download free software from and to insert your student card into the reader.

Proximity card

The student card is also a proximity card which means that special devices can retrieve data from the card even without direct contact but from a close distance.

Front office

Issuing and renewing the student card lies within the responsibility of the front office of your department. This is also the place where all issues and problems related to the student card should be reported to.

Additional features

Apart from being a confirmation of a student status, the student card may also be of use in the Jagiellonian Library (then it may serve as a Library Card) or as a season ticket for public transport provided that, beforehand, you have visited Krakowska Karta Miejska Centre and adjusted your student card appropriately. When configured successfully, the card may be charged up in special charging machines available at selected bus and tram stops around Kraków.

Important document

In the future, the student card will entitle its possessor to enter particular university halls and  access university databases. Take care not to bend or scratch it. In case of damaging or losing the student card, you may apply for a duplicate (payable at the front office). The duplicate is not equivalent to the original – if you use the student card as a season ticket it is necessary to configure your new student card once again in KKM Centre.

Warranty exchange

If the student card fails to work properly despite being properly handled is can be exchanged for a new one free of charge. More information is available at the front office of your department.