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Joanne Kanarek, Canada

Little did I know that my time in IRAS and Krakow would be so life changing. I sink into a state of awe when I reflect back on the three years I spent completing my Bachelors of International Relations- I managed to accomplish so much and have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences that has fostered growth professionally and personally. I have traveled to many countries, attending conferences and giving lectures. I have completed two intensive summer seminars, and participated in a year long academic/artistic residency through a NGO locating in Los Angeles, CA. Furthermore, I ignited passions and interests within myself that continue to shape my development of both my academic and professional career. Following IRAS, I got an offer to participate in a Research Fellowship in Stockholm with funding. Following this Fellowship, I will be attending University of Heidelberg to complete my Masters. These opportunities and experiences would not have been possible with the connections, education, and most importantly the support I received through IRAS.

Giovanni Caporioni, Italy

"The BA at IRAS has prepared me exceptionally well for the Master's degree at Oxford that I am attending this year. At the Jagiellonian University, I found an inspiring team of scholars in a dynamic and open environment, and I enjoyed a refreshing learning experience based on active participation. The invaluable opportunity of giving individual presentations and being involved in teamwork always matched the rigour and the quality of the courses I attended. The extreme modularity of the programme, with the possibility of building a truly tailor-made study path, ranging from Political Philosophy to Macroeconomics, from IR in the Asia-Pacific to International Security, was another crucial reason for my decision to choose IRAS. Finally, last but not leat, Krakow is a truly wonderful city!"

Ricarda Lindau, Germany

Choosing the Jagiellonian University in Krakow was one of my best decisions so far. It challenges many of my perspectives and thoughts to study abroad. Not only the academic content is international - our student community is as well! International Relations at UJ offers you the possibility to learn about a variety of aspects of global life - regional studies, security issues and culture. I decided for the specialization "Politics and Culture" and it helps me to understand conflicts of our ever changing world – so much depends on how we regard other's and our own culture. I further can participate in courses of the other specializations - it makes this BA degree a unique opportunity for trying out different academic fields. Also Krakow is perfect cultural location for students!

Caroline A. Beshenich, USA

Having graduated from the IRAS BA program, I am currently working towards my Master’s degree at the Jagiellonian University. As I pursue studies in the field of International Security, I am immensely grateful for my time with IRAS. Often, it is not possible to see the value of something while one is engaged in doing it. In retrospect, I can now see what my BA education gave me: a 360 degree look at the world we live in and an understanding of how the players in this world interact. This has characterized my learning style- whatever I am studying, I am able to place it into multiple contexts and understand it from various perspectives. Whether these are economic, political, religious, philosophical, or theoretical. This modern world is one composed of multilateral relationships- all interlinked with each other. In order to better comprehend these associations, it is necessary to be able to understand them in numerous frameworks.  My BA specialization in Russian and European areas was particularly beneficial for me, as I have been accepted to an internship with a research institute analyzing Russian politics. My research is characteristic of the IRAS BA programme, as through my research I aim to show how a particular issue is a complex composition of several facets. Each of these facets can cause effects in their own way, and when brought together their impact can be devastating.  

Omar Farook, Singapore

Choosing to study for my bachelor's degree abroad at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow was an unorthodox choice given my background. Regardless, it has been a vastly fulfilling experience for me. The International Relations and Area Studies programme encompasses the many various scopes of international relations, and would appeal to any student with a passion for understanding of global affairs. Furthermore, it affords one the freedom to choose between three specialisations to better pursue their individual interests. Being immersed in a diverse environment, where both my peers and the teaching staff hail from many different regions and backgrounds, has benefited me by providing exposure to new and foreign perspectives. As a foreign student, I have also greatly enjoyed my stay in Krakow, a beautiful and vibrant city with a rich history. Entertainment is plentiful, and there are many unique places to visit hidden amongst the streets. I am eagerly anticipating my future experiences here and would strongly recommend any prospective student to consider this programme.

Oguz Mermut, Turkey

The International Relations and Area Studies programme at the prestigious Jagiellonian University offers students an international study environment in the gorgeous city of Krakow. The three specializations of the programme provide the opportunity for the students to focus on different aspects of international relations which they are passionate about. As I focus on my specialization on International Security, I have also been able to take courses from the other modules to expand my knowledge on various subjects, which is definitely the most important advantage of IRAS.

Maria Klimova, Russia

The International Relations and Area Studies programme opened new perspectives for me as an international student. The variety of subjects allows students to choose the path that perfectly matches their interests. Professors are always open for discussions which I find very important for International Relations students. Moreover, the multicultural society of Jagiellonian University is very beneficial and helpful. In the end, Kraków as a living and bright centre is perfect for young people!

Yumi Yoshida, Japan

I already finished my study more than one year in Japan when I started thinking about studying abroad so it was important to think about the year of graduation. In other places it often takes at least four years in total to graduate but here you can get your Bachelor in 3 years! And of course you don't have to speak Polish to study here! All classes are in English and some students don't speak Polish even "hello" like me when they first arrived here. But don't worry you can improve your Polish, too by taking Polish classes or making Polish friends.

Alejandro Leal,  Mexico

When I first decided to come to Poland and study International Relations and Area Studies,  I did not know what to expect. However, I think coming here was one of the best decisions I have made so far. The programme itself challenged my perspective on different issues and allowed me to learn new things, ranging from International Political Economy to Political Philosophy, from International Law to Globalization. Professors are very attentive and with a lot of experience, both as professionals and academics. Furthermore, I’m extremely thankful for having such a diverse, friendly and open group of people in my class. Most of my classmates are from other countries outside of Poland, and it is extremely interesting to get to know their cultures and traditions. Finally, living in Krakow is an incredible experience. It’s affordable, fun, diverse, cultural, and very safe. I highly recommend this programme!

Zlata Kolesnyk, Ukraine

If I were to answer the question of “What is the greatest benefit in studying at the International Relations and Area Studies program”, I wouldn’t equivocate for a second. For my undergraduate degree, I was looking for a place which would expose me to people with different cultural and academic backgrounds. That is when I came across IRAS. This program combines a well-balanced mixture of comprehensive tuition, thought-provoking classroom discussions and intrinsically warm atmosphere of the studying environment. I would particularly recommend this program to those, who share my keen interest in macroeconomics. The course structure provides each and every student with an opportunity to sign up for economy-oriented courses (e.g. Economic Diplomacy, International Political Economy, International Economic Relations etc.). Only by having such a broad selection of courses, one can fully grasp an interdisciplinary nature of IRAS program. I would strongly encourage any prospective student to consider IRAS as a place where one can challenge him or herself, whilst being surrounded with people who share the same passion for international relations and global affairs.

Musab Alnour-Ibrahim, Hungary

The day I decided I will study International Relations at the Jagiellonian University, I considered three main factors: the subjects, the professors and my fellow students. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. The programme offers a variety of subjects ranging from International Economic Relations to Globalization and Global Governance. Not to mention the quality of language courses offered from the second year. This is coupled with professors who did not only receive their education from different parts of the world, but are also esteemed scholars in their field with unique insights. And last but not least, they say London is the most diverse city in the world. Well, if that is true, then the IRAS programme is certainly a miniature global village. The student environment gives you a rare opportunity to learn better then any book can ever inform you about cultures and perspectives from all around the world. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that you enter this program making friends and leaving it with an extended family. Moreover, the fact that the university is located in one of the oldest cities in Europe, the historic city of Kraków, presents a great opportunity to live in an environment where the old meets the modern. It is a great city to explore the past and look for the future.

To be a student of the same university once attended by Nicolaus Copernicus and one which to this day is producing quality students and professionals - who went on to achieve great things – is a great honor. I rest assured that with this strong background I will be able to pursue my initiatives and endeavours in the future with success. I strongly recommend it for anyone looking for the same opportunities.