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IRAS Student Esteban Ortiz Escobar Receives Prestigious Award as Best Foreign Student in Poland

Esteban Ortiz Escobar, originating from Colombia, has recently been honored with the distinguished title of one of the best foreign students in Poland. Esteemed for his exceptional achievements in academic pursuits and charitable endeavors alike, Esteban’s journey epitomizes the transformative power of education and service to others.

Referred to as a “prize hunter,” he has acquired numerous scholarships since his initial year of studies. However, his commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom, as Esteban actively participates in various charitable activities. From preparing meals for the less fortunate to volunteering in orphanages and actively engaging with organizations like the Red Cross, Esteban's dedication to making a positive impact knows no bounds.

As he stated upon receiving the award: I love the University: thanks to it, I have met wonderful people, received education in a field that has become my passion, gained the opportunity to travel to places and participate in events that I never even dreamed of in another period of my life. I am very grateful for that. Moreover, Kraków itself provided an excellent backdrop for my adventure. Life in this city is unhurried and calm; I also greatly appreciate the nature and architecture. As for my plans, I would like to continue my studies in the field of public policy or development studies because my intention is to make a positive impact in my homeland, Colombia, and even throughout America. However, whatever the future may bring, I will always fondly remember the time I spent here and, as we say, ‘que me quiten lo bailao!’.

For 14 years, the INTERSTUDENT competition, organized by the Educational Foundation “Perspektywy,” has been identifying the most exceptional and engaged international students studying at Polish universities. The jury selects winners among foreign students pursuing bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in both public and private institutions, studying in Polish and/or foreign languages. These individuals enrich the local academic community and foster cultural exchange, embodying the essence of global citizenship and cooperation.